• 5-axis CNC Machined Aluminum Project


    5-axis CNC Milling, Machined finish, More economical packing services.




    Complex overall feature with 40 sets.

    Lead Time:

    CNC tooling manufacture lead time: 9 working days.

    Threaded holes and inlaid inserts time:

    Done by hand, with only 3 hours.

    Packing and deliver:

    3 working days

    5-axis table is rotational, it can manufacture the features from different direction. With 5-axis CNC,one piece only needs 16hours to be completed.though part has many differentgeometries.The working time would be 24 hours with 3-axisCNC machine instead.

    5-axis CNC machines are capable of simultaneous cutting movements in all three dimensional shapes in die every side, no need to prepare fixture, reducing the working time and getting more accurate dimensions.The tolerance for 5-axis is ±0.02mm,which can get the high-precision parts.In contrast to 3-axis,another biggest advantage of 5-axis CNC machine, any other surface can be processed except the bottom surface which needs to be fixed on machine. A-axis can rotate from -90 to 120 degrees, B-axis can rotate 360 degrees.

    After machined, we spend less time to remove the burrs and do the cleared up process, since parts can be smoother surface finish with 5 axis. The next step is to check the fitting, to insure the part can work smoothly with the threads. The crucial dimension will be double checked with calipers.

    Finally, to ensure the safety during the  transportation, parts would be packed layer after layer with paper and foam.

  • Low-volume Aluminium CNC Project


    CNC Milling, Turning, Mirror Polished, 2K Clear Lacquer


    AL 6061


    4 different type assemblies with 230 sets, 2 components per set

    Lead Time:

    15 Working Days after Sample Confirm (Samples are available before mass production for every large quantity project, to make sure quality can meet client's requirements)

    Parts have many different geometries on the surface, assembled with two parts. A small cylinder insert achieved by lathe, meanwhile,outer frame of the main body was machined by CNC machined the holes and tapped threads.Then two parts assembled together for post machine to achieved an accurate size and guaranteed the seamless assembly between parts.

    After machined, parts had to be unscrewed for remove burrs and clear up, but the core is to check the fitting, to insure the small part can work smoothly with the threads.

    Every surface of parts were polished by polishing machine, and hand polished. Then painted in 2K clear lacquer.

    Celebration from customer that parts have been installed successfully as a pair of privacy screens for a newly built commercial space in central London.

  • One Stop Service for Boca Boot Project


    Prototyping, injection tooling service, assemble ,packing and deliver.


    ABS, POM, PA6 GF30%,Stainless steel, Spring steel, Foam,


    prototyping with 1set, injection tooling with 750 sets, assemble 750 sets, packing 750 sets. Each set including 21 different parts.

    Lead Time:

    Prototype lead time 9 working days

    Tooling manufacture lead time: 30 working days

    Tooling adjustment: 20 working days

    Injection for 750sets after sample confirm 15 working days

    Assemble: 7 working days

    Packing and deliver: 3 working days

    Step 1

    Concepts: The client loves riding a bicycle, it bothers, when he has to take lots of things and biking around town. That’s when he came up with the idea of a bike storage. And he got founds from Kick-starters.

    Step 2

    Prototyping: The design is with unique lock to make sure the safety, big space for all kinds of stuff. We did lots of modification during the prototype step to gain the best outlook, the smoothest function. All together this project includes six different materials, three different processes. (CNC with painting, Sheet metal, vacuum casting)

    Step 3

    Mass production Assemble and Packing,deliver and marketing. For the big bucket weight 1.2kg, needs a 1200T injection machine. We prepare for the assembly and packing, while parts are being injected. Instruction guide is made to speed up the assembly. Box on pallets andthen fixed by tap to ensure the safety during the long sea transportation. The shipping takes about a month, the client get the container with all parts safe and sound. The product it's very successfully on the market .

  • The torch for The 2017 Ashgabat Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games


    Design Brains Pty Ltd


    CNC Machining, die casting, Injection tooling service, sheet metal, lathe, laser etch, surface finish(polishing, plating, baking paint, gold blocking), assemble, packaging and delivery


    ADC 12, ABS+PC, Flame retarding PA6630%GF, AL 6061, AL 5052


    450 sets

    Lead Time:

    2 weeks for prototype, 30 working days to tooling, 7 working days for parts manufacture, 10 days for surface finish, 5 days for assemble & package.

    1Two sets of prototypes

    Clients want to make two sets of prototypes to check and test at first. This is a torch and must work with every different climate such as wind or rain. So the well fit of each part is quite important.We did some modifications before the production and discussed it with our client to make sure all parts assembled well and function well.

    The CNC AL parts with gold plating, CNC ABS+PC parts with paint (two different green colors), the badge also require the gold blocking and the sheet metal part with paint.Then we need to glue these parts together to make sure the parts are strong and no part can fall off

    2Mass production, assemble, packing and delivery

    Manufacture Process: Tool making, die casting, sheet metal,latheThe top, bottom and foot part in ADC 12 made by die casting process, then polishing and plating the parts in shinny golden.The body and badge in plastic material made by tooling and injection, the top badge part need to be flame retarding.The top badge require gold blocking on the letters.The sheet parts produced by bending and laser cut. The small gas knob machined by lathe with green baking, then laser etch the surface.

    Assemble: Assemble the foot with bottom golden by screws and glue,Firstly, gluing the lattice part with the green plastic body part together.Secondly, using the screw to assemble the top badge with the gold top part, then glue the top and bottom part together. Finally glue the small vee part to the torch body.


    Packaging the parts by the non-woven bag firstly to protect the surface, then using the bubble bag to protect, and put them in the box, the box filled with special buckle to hold the parts in position and no spare space in package, so that the parts will not move during the transportation.

    Tool making 1

    Tool making 2

    Die casting process

    Die casting parts without remove gates

    Die casting parts without gates

    Sheet Metal-Laser cut

    Sheet metal parts after bent

    Injection process

    4Surface finish

    Polishing AL parts

    Polished AL parts

    Checking the polished parts before plating

    Plating 1

    Plating 2


    Baking parts 1

    Baking parts 2

    We will check the part quality before doing the next step, like checking the dimension assemble before doing the surface finish, and checking surface finish before the assembling.

    • Gold blocking on the letters

    • Laser etch after baking

    • CNC lathe AL parts with baking & laser etch


    We used high-temperature resistant adhesives and screws to bond several parts together, we have tested the glues and run test with different temperatures to make sure the parts are well glued and strong.


    We designed Non-woven bag, Bubble bag and boxes to package the parts and made sure all the parts are well packaged and keep safety during the shipment.

    75th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games Ashgabat 2017,Openning Ceremony